Wisdom of Finance Video Contest

2018 Contest Winners

 Secondary school students, ages 14-18, studying business, finance and economics demonstrated their understanding of Mihir Desai's book, The Wisdom of Finance by participating in the LEAF Network's online video contest called “Exploring the Wisdom of Finance.”    In his book, Mihir Desai, a professor of finance at the Harvard Business School, examines how concepts from finance and economics are central to everyone’s lives and a common feature in literature and the humanities.  Students submitted a short, four-minute, video in which they explain and dramatize how an economics or finance concept is part of  a novel, short story, play, movie, television show or video game of their choice.

The First Place Award of $1,000 went to the team of Evan Comeau, Michael Vaughan, William Hegarty, and Joseph Hegarty from Bedford High School.  Check out their winning video: The Principal Agent Problem in Ferris Bueller's Day Off











The Second Place Award of $300 was awarded to Bedford High School's Michael Chen, Neil Luczai, and Belen Ou for their video, The Prisoner's Dilemma; The Joker's Social Experiment in the Dark Knight.











The Third Place Award of $100 went to Product Placement in Modern Family, submitted by Sofie Gilbert of Weston High School













Congratulations to the winners and to all of the students who participated in this contest!

View below Mihir Desai's interview on 
PBS Newshour with Paul Solman
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Mihir Desai speaking about the Wisdom of Finance at Bedford High School