The ECON Showdown

The ECON Showdown -
Student Economic Competition 
April 28, 2018 - Bedford High School

    The ECON SHOWDOWN is a LEAF Network student competition for all Massachusetts economics students.  Hosted by Bedford High School in Bedford, MA, the program offers a competitive yet fun way for students to express their Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and International Economics knowledge acquired throughout their year.   Teams are put through a diverse selection of academic challenges including written examinations, critical thinking problems, an international problem-solving case study, and a fun "pub-style" trivia round.  
   Divided into two separate divisions for AP/Honors level students and general level students, the contest produces two separate champions, both of whom earned their respective prizes through a quiz-bowl style questioning round in the finals.   The competition is scored based on total points, with student teams banking as many points as possible each round.  The two teams from each division with the highest accumulated total points advance to the finals on the stage.  Professional judges from the education and business communities are brought in to score student responses.
      The competition features over 120 students from five different Massachusetts Schools. Each school will assemble and enter student teams of up to four students to compete.   The competition produces two separate champions, one from each respective division.  A third award is handed out to the overall best Alfred Marshall international economics case study proposal.  In all, students put their economic knowledge to the test while gaining an enjoyable experience with their fellow peers heading into graduation.


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